Saving for your financial freedom

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I can help you create a plan to maximize your savings, and at the same time protect your family’s financial future and help maintain their lifestyle after you’re gone.

Unexpected events can eat into your savings and prevent you from reaching your short- or long-term goals. We’ll show you a variety of ways to help you attain the lifestyle you’re after and at the same time, protect your income.

Protect your assets in the event of death – Life insurance

Unexpected events can leave your family without the cash flow needed for day-to-day expenses. We offer a range of products that can provide temporary or permanent coverage to replace your income. Together, we’ll determine your needs and decide which insurance product solution is best for you.

Create a plan to help manage financial matters after death – Estate planning

Many people think estate plans are only for the wealthy. This isn’t the case. Every parent, grandparent, spouse, business owner and professional person should have an estate plan to help ensure their financial matters are distributed the way they would like them to be after their death. It can also help reduce taxes, so more of the estate is left for heirs.

We can help you create a customized estate plan with the help of product support experts.

Access money for the things you need – Critical illness insurance

Not only does a critical illness affect you and your family emotionally, it puts a drain on your savings. We have a solution that helps your financial well-being so you can focus on getting better. Critical illness insurance provides you with a one-time lump-sum benefit to help cover expenses often associated with a critical condition such as timely treatment outside Canada, or nursing or domestic help. Or, you can use the money for a recovery vacation or modifications to a home or office.

Maintain an income while you’re disabled – Disability insurance

If you become disabled and unable to work, we offer you a solution that helps replaces your income while you recover. These solutions have been developed with the diverse needs of business owners, professionals, executives and employees in mind.

Cover the costs of health and dental expenses

No one enjoys a trip to the dentist, but we can help make the costs a little easier on your pocketbook. We provide a health and dental benefit plan, designed for individuals and families who are looking for help to pay expenses not covered by their provincial health plan, such as dentists, eye doctors. With this enhanced health care, we leave you with more of your income for the kind of trips you want to take.

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